• Vivian Zhang

    Sales Director
    10 years experience in hair business.
    Good at marketing and customer service.

    Email: gyh@goodyardhair.com
    Phone: +86-532-80992361
    Whatsapp: +86-18615327250
    Respect doesn't come from the kind of work you do, it comes from the way you do the work!
  • River Jia

    Sales Manager
    5 years experience of hair business
    Good at marketing and customer service

    Email: gyh09@goodyardhair.com
    Phone: +86-532-80992361
    Favorite: Music, Travel, Reading, Movies
  • Alen Liu

    5 years working experience in hair business, familiar with hair products and production, good at communicating with customers .

    Email: gyh12@goodyardhair.com
    Phone: +86-532-80992361 Skype : alenliu0705
    Favorite: Traveling, Music, Shopping, Movies
  • Michelle Li

    2 years experience of hair business, good at marketing and customer service

    Email: gyh14@goodyardhair.com
    Phone: +86-532-80992361
    Favorite: marathon, delicious foo,d traveling and photography
  • Sami Wang

    3 years experience in hair business, 
    Good at product development,
    marketing and customer service.

    Whatsapp:+86 18254246767
    LinkedIn:Sami Wang
  • Alisa Wang

    2 years Marketing experience in hair business, enjoy communicating with customers .

    Phone:+86 15898835317
    Favorite:Movie,Reading,Delicious food.
  • Cunzhe Yin

    Production Manager
    10 years QC experience in hair factory.

    Email: 605243772@qq.com
    Phone: +86-532-80992360
    Favorite: Music, Movies, Shopping.
  • Yanxin Wang

    QC Assistant
    Be skilled with synthetic fiber wigs and hairpieces

    Phone: +86-532-80992360
    Favorite words: The stage extends as far as the heart goes!
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