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Pre-Made Volume Fans(also known as Russian Volume Lash) is the latest and most advanced technique in the eyelash extension industry. It involves creating fans from between 2 and 7 lightweight individual lashes (Referred to as 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D or 7D) and applying them to the natural lash. Applying lashes in this way reduces the amount of adhesive involved and gives a fuller, longer lasting look without causing as much damage as classic lashes.

Featuring a stunning, deep black, glossy finish these lashes are extremely light, flexible and soft to the touch. The lighter weight means they’ll cause less stress to the natural lash and last longer than thicker, heavier eyelash extensions.

Requiring less adhesive than classic lashes and coming in .07 & .10 thickness, when applied correctly our volume fans cause minimal stress to the client’s natural lashes while still giving a beautiful, full appearance.


· Always remove lashes with the tweezers approaching from the side, never from directly above

· Pluck the lash from just above the adhesive strip and directly below where the individual lashes join together

· If removing the lashes is difficult apply some gentle heat to the tray or strip. A lamp or sunlight is ideal.

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