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The 6 Hottest Hair Color for Spring 2017

As the weather gets warm, switching up your skincare regimen and rethinking your makeup is a must, but you also need to reconsider updating a hair color. As with most important life choices, we look to celebrities and the Insta-famous for guidance, so we've provided the necessary star power to help you pick your new hair color. But we also polled the pros to give you real practical.

It's not brown, but it's also not quite blonde. Gigi Hadid always sports the perfect mix between the two shades — AKA bronde — which is the perfect way to ease out of the dark winter months and get your glow on come spring.

The combination of golden, caramel highlights in dark brown hair is all it takes to replicate Jessica Alba's pretty color. The perfect balayage for brunettes, it'll leave you lighting up every room you enter.

Chocolate Brown

While warmer temps may temp you to lighten up, colorist Marie Robinson suggests going to the opposite side of the spectrum with chocolate brown. "I think this hair color will be big because it doesn't compete with spring's bright colors, and bold prints fashion trends," explains Robinson. Plus, the "cool, deep color looks so beautiful against all skin tones."


This stunning trend is already a celeb favorite. The pretty peachy tones add a fun touch to blonde locks, but brunettes can enjoy the blorange trend too by mixing in some dip-dyed streaks.

White Hot

Say subtlety isn't your thing plus you're cool with being high-maintenance, then high impact platinum is an excellent option. "Going much lighter and significantly brighter will definitely be a trend," reports Hill. "It's a bigger commitment all around but makes a serious statement."

Blended Highlights

Be less obvious when it comes to highlights. "Whether you're a blonde or brunette, "deeper roots and multi-dimensional ends will still be a trend, but with less contrast between the tones, making a softer, less harsh," says Lucie Doughty, John Paul Mitchell Systems Editorial Director.

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